How to be a good cuck hubby!

Wives: Learn how to cuckold

Husbands: Learn how to be cuckolded
Bulls: Learn how to improve your performance

Cuckolding doesn't come with a how-to manual. But we've got the next best thing.


These guides are written by REAL cuckolds, REAL bulls, and REAL wives!


All are experienced in the cuckoldry, swinger, and hot wife scenes.


Why are we doing these? If wives want sex outside their marriage, they might as well do it WITH the knowledge and approval of their husbands.


It's what we call the happy cuckold - the husband that's proud to be cuckolded by his sexy and sensual lady.


For Wives

How to get your husband to swallow your BF's hot cum

For some hot wives, just licking the cum out of their just-fucked pussies isn't enough. They want their dutiful cucky husbands to get their hot and gooey cream directly from the source.


Here's the story of how one cuckoldress convinced her sub-hub to open his mouth, and say "jizz!" Her BBC BFs just shoot it right in!


For Cuckolds

Cum stained panties, and other signs she's cheating

You just discovered your wife's panties are filled with another man's semen. She's fucking someone while you're at home or work.


A wife who screws around is already a cuckoldress, but you're being robbed of the fun. Read this for tips for going from wannabe cuckold with an unfaithful wife, to a full fledged cuckhubby, with sloppy seconds privileges!

For Bulls

How to make your semen taste sweeter

As a bull you're called on to make lots of sticky white semen. And it should taste good. The cuckolding wife you're nailing wants to suck you off, and her husband might like to clean her up after you've finished.


Here are simple ways to improve the taste of your cum. With some effort, you can turn it from bitter to sweet.

For Cuckolds

Getting your wife ready for a date with a big cock

Congratulations! Your wife has agreed to cuckold you, and she's already found her first date on the adult contact site she signed up to.


And her first bull a nice fat one, like she wanted!


Sexy stockings? Check. High heel shoes? Check. Lacy panties? Check. Pussy ready for a much larger cock than yours? Well, umm...



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