Enhance sex with quality adult toys

be the man she'S always wanted with a cock extenDER

A wife, a bull, and a cuck - ingredients for any fun-filled night. Make it even more memorable with adult toys for you and her. We've put together this list of affordable dildos, strapons, vibrators, penis extenders, and other toys that you, your wife, and her boyfriend are sure to love!

Bull-in-a-box: Lifelike Dildos


Sometimes a bull just isn't around to please your wife. The next best thing is a rubber dildo or a vibrator. Get one that's good size - 8" to 10" - so your woman REALLY feels the fucking.


Also called dongs, these feel (and sorta look) like the real thing.


When inside your wife, the heavy veins add to her pleasure. The Lifelikes Big Knight shown here is 8", a nice and fat 1-3/4" wide, and always hard.


Add plenty of water based lube and work this in and out of your wife for 10-15 minutes. Then with own own cock enter her with the dong already inside. Work the dildo in and out so you can feel what it's like to have two men fucking your wife at the same time!

Natural-Skin Battery Operated Vibrators

Your wife will think she's got another man in bed with her if you get her a natural-skin vibrator. Every inch will feel like the real deal. Turn the vibrator on and let the sensations flood her head to toe.


The Velvet Touch has a smooth and silky outer skin, and can be used in or out of the water, according to the manufacturer. The vibe can be fully inserted into your wife pussy or ass, or the specially-formed tip pressed against her clit.


Some vibrators come with sleeves (often removable), so you get a non-flexible toy but with a smoother skin for insertion into pussies and butts.

Cock Extenders To Make You a Bigger Man

If your wife ever asks, "Is it in yet?" then you know you need a penis extender! The strapless penis extension lets you fuck your wife with an 8 1/2" dick without your needing to maintain an erection. Good for when you can't get it up, or you want to keep screwing her after you've blown your wad.


If your problem is size, not wood, then a cock sleeve is the answer. These come with or without a strap or harness. The 9" model shown here is sure to please your woman. Help her get used to the length and girth by going slow at first. Then, when your wife's cunt is fully enlarged, take her into orbit!


Even though your penis is in a rubber sleeve, you can still feel the fucking. Best yet, your wife will finally be able to enjoy that big cock she's always dreamed of!

Strapons Make HER the Man of the House!

Ever wanted a prostate massage? Been thinking about letting your wife be the "man"?


Sophia's Red Rider Strapon is a dildo and harness combo that lets your wife fuck you! The dildo is sized and shaped for anal intercourse, with the angle of the cock head just right for a soothing prostate massage.


Of course, there's nothing stopping you from using it on her every once in a while. Just make sure you clean the rubber dildo with an antibacterial toy cleaner after she's used it on you.

Cock-Locks for Male Chastity

Your wife may not want you to play with yourself while she's busy entertaining her bull.


A cock cage is a relatively inexpensive male chastity device. It's made of metal rings and leather. The cage confines your penis and makes masturbation very difficult.


The cage can be locked - the lock is not included but you can use most any small padlock available at a variety or home improvement store. Get a lock with two keys; your wife keeps one key, and store the spare in a safe place. That way if your old lady loses the key you don't have to cut the leather to finally free your dickie!


You cannot jerk off when the device is fitted around your penis, but you are able to urinate and even spill some semen should you have a "strokeless" orgasm by watching your wife fuck. But forget doing any fucking! You're at her mercy.